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Be sure to check out the new blog from Martin Snyder, Wingspan’s Principal Technologist. Here is an excerpt from his most recent post:

Performance Enhancement
Posted on April 16, 2012
A friend of mine recently brought to my attention the use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) in the workplace, especially in Silicon Valley. I suspect this is not limited to the software field and probably either has or soon will bleed over into other “knowledge worker” fields. Caffeine is now a gateway drug.

The sports world has something to teach us here. Back in the 70′s, bodybuilders and power lifters started experimenting with steroids and 40 years later it’s hard to imagine a sport that hasn’t had a PED scandal. It’s not hard to see why athletes were (and continue to be) so easily tempted:

  1. Their careers are relatively short.
  2. Their earning potential after their athletic career is often limited, so they want to maximize their earnings while they can.
  3. Their short career can be cut even shorter at any time by injuries, which can be either prevented, ignored, or recovered from faster through the use of PEDs.
  4. At the highest levels, incremental increases in performance are rewarded with exponential increases in compensation.

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