Wingspan Case Studies

Academic Research Organization Completes Rapid Deployment of eTMF

This case study describes the eTMF project for an academic research organization that utilized Wingspan eTMF Express to implement Wingspan eTMF in just 3 weeks.

Large CRO Turns eTMF into a Competitive Advantage

This large global CRO headquartered in Ireland added eTMF as part of their portfolio of services and technologies, allowing their sponsors to directly access eTMF to provide oversight and due diligence.

Biotech Rapidly Implements eTMF, Supports Two Studies within One Week of Go-Live

This west coast biotech used Wingspan’s Small Business Solution to fully implement a customized Wingspan eTMF in less than two months.

Small CRO Motivated to Eliminate Paper

This small CRO that implemented Wingspan eTMF with the goal of moving from a fully paper TMF to an eTMF solution and providing access to their investigation sites.

Mid-Sized Pharma moves Outsourced TMF In House to Increase Insight

This mid-sized pharmaceutical company is based on the United States West Coast. The organization used Wingspan’s UAT Accelerators to implement Wingspan eTMF in just one month.