Featuring a sleek design and simple workflow, Wingspan eTMF allows documents to be processed quickly and efficiently. See how Wingspan eTMF can work for your organization.

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Wingspan eTMF

Access, edit, and store your clinical trial documents in one secure, globally-accessible location. With an emphasis on planning and metrics, Wingspan eTMF allows you easily monitor and maintain an inspection-ready eTMF. Users love its intuitive design, and detailed metrics provide instant insight into the health of your TMF. Designed for scalability and to manage trials of any size, Wingspan eTMF supports collaboration among sponsors and CROs.

Wingspan eTMF Screenshot User Dashboard Inbox Study Grid


    • Transparency

Immediate, actionable insight into study health and user responsibilities. Customized user dashboards provide key information at a glance. In just one click, users can drill down for even more detail.

    • Planning

Wingspan eTMF places an emphasis on planning and projections, including both expected documents and their due dates. Flexible planning tools, rather than fixed templates, allow for the nuances of individual trials.

    • Maintenance

Specialized tools for ongoing study maintenance provide for unexpected events throughout the course of the trial, such as protocol amendments.

    • Structure

Simple and standard processes simplify personal and group workflows. Wingspan eTMF features a standard, enforced QC process, automatic document naming, and instant insight into the status of each document. Missing, coming due, and overdue documents are immediately visible by shading and other visual cues.

    • Insight

Extensive metrics track the health of individual studies and expose trends and bottlenecks across studies.

    • Collaboration

Partners can enter eTMF and fully participate in any role desired, and they are firewalled from any studies not related to them. eTMF provides the tools to meaure CRO performance in key areas.

    • Ease of Use

Wingspan eTMF’s modern, commercial style user-interface features faceted naviagation and quick serach that employs alias terms. The optional TMF Reference Model browser allows a trial to be viewed in a tree structure based on the Reference Model’s zone, section, and artifact.

Proven history of availability and performance worldwide

Wingspan eTMF is proven to perform for clients having over 700 trials in more than 82 countries around the world.

Too Small for eTMF?

Ask about Wingspan’s Small Business Solution. This solution provides the benefits of the industry’s leading eTMF optimized for organizations with just a few studies. With an out-of-the-box package based on the TMF Reference Model and requiring minimal training, small organizations can be ready to implement the market-leading eTMF and industry best practices in just three weeks.

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Wingspan eTMF and the eClinical Universe

The eTMF exists within a universe of eClinical systems that manage trial aspects such as logistics, safety, data collection and analysis, legal, and many others. Often, these systems are the sources or of data or documents needed for the Trial Master File. An efficient and compliant eTMF must work in harmony with a variety of eClinical systems in order to contain the required information.

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